Your answer to a better sleep at night and more energy in the day.

100% Natural, plant based deliciousness, without the sugar or caffeine.


Life changing!

Delicious. I just love it so much. I have it at 3pm everyday, I sit down and relax with it ~ it’s my treat. I love that it’s filling, it’s delicious and it gives me energy. I’ve noticed that I look better as I don’t have any cravings for my biscuits that I used to. I really couldn’t be without it.



So tasty! The day blend has become my go to for a 3pm pick-me-up and the night blend is the perfect guilt free treat for the kiddies and I before bed. Both day and night blends are now part of our daily routine!


Mums Superfood Drinking Chocolate

Have been replacing coffee and tea with Luka Drinking Chocolate both during the day and in the evenings. Love the flavour and particularly good in the afternoon on work days when you need that extra boost to get through the day. Thanks girls.... a lovely product.


When are you making a bigger size?

I am loving Luka - warm and frothy for a night time hot chocolate, cold and smooth for a day time hit. More please!


Love love love!

Once I put the kids to bed every night, I would genuinely look forward to my hot choc. I would sit quietly and have it and reflect on the day and just loved those few minutes. It’s delicious, guilt free and actually good for you, what’s there not to love! It also helped me to stop going back and forwards to the snack cupboard at night. It totally hits the spot!





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