Co-Founder SPOTLIGHT - Kate Boyle

We always love seeing what other people's routines look like, so we thought it was time we provided insight into our daily life as mums and co-founders of LUKA Wellness Superfoods Drinking Chocolates.

Today, we focus on co-founder Kate Boyle! Mum of 4 girls (yes 4!) and the day in her life. 

Where are you located? 

Southern Highlands, NSW. I grew up in Southern Highlands and always thought I would return at some point. After living in Sydney for years, it was just before COVID we decided to make the move. We love the community down here, the fresh air, the space, our garden! Mike and I feel very lucky to be somewhere we love so much to raise our children. 

Whats your morning routine look like?

Im obsessed with morning routines, although with 4 children it never looks perfect every day but I try to get a few things in to set me up for the day. I always try to wake up before the whole house, everything is so quiet (a rarity!) and I just love the stillness. I will do some simple stretches to gently wake my body and then I meditate. I practice Vedic meditation which requires you to mediate twice a day for 20 minutes. At the moment I am happy if I can get one in so I prioritise it first thing and then its done. It sets such a lovely tone for the day and definitely helps me be less reactive with the children, I will then have some warm lemon water and I will put the children's breakfast on which is usually porridge and berries. 

While that is cooking I will either do 15 minutes of pilates or go on the cross trainer while I listen to a podcast, I find moving my body really gives me a good energy boost! The house will have started to wake up by this point, I then will have a glass of homemade celery/lemon/ginger juice that I prepare at the beginning of the week. I will then serve breakfast up and make school lunches. I love to sit down and talk with the girls at breakfast. Of course it doesn't always go this way with young children but by sneaking in an hour to myself first thing really helps set me up for a nice day, when I don't I certainly (and my husband!) notice a change in my overall mood! 

Fav health hack at the moment...

Mouth taping! Both my Dad and brother have been telling me about this for ages, it is not recommended while you are pregnant so i've only just started and i am loving it! I am waking with sooo much more energy, i'm not dehydrated in the morning (we lose so much water when we mouth breath!) and i wake up feeling fresh - usually I can feel congested and quite blocked up. So loving this right now. If anyone is interested I bought tape from here

Fav meal of the day...

Lunch for sure. It’s usually the time where I try to sit down while Daisy (my 6 month old) is asleep, and anyone else who is home i'll put in front of the tv and sit down. Lunch will usually be any greens I can find in the vegetable garden with some protein (eggs, tuna, tofu), fibre - always beans, and some starch - baked sweet potato or a slice of sough dough, and ill make a homemade salad dressing - olive oil, ACV, tahini and maple syrup. YUM. I will then enjoy a LUKA after lunch and usually give Lucy a call! 

Top tips for staying healthy

For me 2023 was all about being pregnant and in the newborn bubble, I loved every minute but now I am looking forward to prioritizing my health and wellbeing and getting back into shape. Getting fit, building strength, moving my body daily, early nights and eating well - and that means reducing coffee and sugar.

What’s a non negotiable for you each day

Meditate, LUKA and move my body. 

Fab self care/discovery book? I have just purchased “Outlive” by Peter Attia 

Anything you want to achieve this year? I would really love to learn how to practice breathwork techniques. I have been reading amazing things!  

What is LUKA to you?

So many people ask me 'how do you manage to find time for LUKA with a baby?' but honestly I love it so much I couldn't imagine NOT doing LUKA. LUKA gives me energy and passion that is outside of being a Mum. Lucy and I are aligned on so many different levels - our goals, our health, our families and especially when it comes to our business, every time we talk (most days) we generate so much desire and energy to keep going. I am proud of us, and we still have lots of dreams for what we want for our business. We have learnt SO much together and we have laughed endlessly, we really do love working together and I think that is why it has worked so well. 

Working on LUKA is usually when the big girls are at school, I will sit down at lunchtime for a few hours and also I love to sit down for an hour or two once the girls go to bed in the evening. 

Habits you want to improve...

Snacking in the afternoon or after dinner on anything I can get my hands on - this is where LUKA really saves me!

Guilty pleasure? 

Listening to cheesy country music. 

When’s your fav time to drink LUKA?

After lunch, and I will often make another one in a keep cup for school pick up with water and a dash of soy milk. This is usually when my sugar cravings kick in and I am tempted to reach for something naughty, LUKA really satisfies me so once I have one I feel my cravings go away. 

What’s your fav thing about LUKA?

It's sugar free and health enhancing, it really ticks all boxes for me for afternoon sugar cravings and the night blend is my bedtime dessert that gives me the best sleep. I really cant live without it!! 

Fav quote/advice? 

I love so many quotes, my girls started a new school this year so I have been using this one a lot:

"Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new" Albert Einstein 

We hope you enjoyed reading, have a happy and healthy day!


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