Lucy & Kate

Lucy and Kate Making Chocolate Drink

LUKA Wellness was founded by us (Lucy and Kate), two cousins from Sydney, Australia whose purpose is to give women an incentive to take time out for themselves, without the guilt.

Created for ourselves, we wanted a non-caffeine alternative that was simple, delicious and satisfied our sugar cravings. Something to help us take time out whilst nourishing us at the same time. What we discovered was that all products on the market were full of dairy, fillers and preservatives, plant based but with lots of sugar or simply did not taste amazing. There was no product on the market delivering the taste and the benefits we craved. 

After both studying at the Integrative School of Nutrition out of New York we discovered the incredible world of plant superfoods and what they hold. We also learned that nourishment is found both on and off the plate. Everyone needs to practise self care for optimum health but they won’t do it unless they are incentivised with benefits (and taste!) 

After a number of years in development to ensure LUKA SUPERFOODS Drinking Chocolate fulfilled all our desires (and more!) we have created something we are truly proud of that is not only delicious, but packed full of superfoods, plant based, 100% natural, refined sugar free and something to give you a very good reason to take time out for yourself.

We are so excited for LUKA to become part of your daily ritual ❤️