Our Values

Supporting Indigenous Communities

We source our Kakadu Plum and Wattleseed from the Wurnangat Association — a Women’s Centre in the Wadeye Community, located just outside of Darwin, NT. The association is working towards stopping the ongoing pattern of poverty, poor health and oppression in indigenous communities.

Indigenous women are paid fare wages for collecting and hand harvesting Kakadu Plums used in LUKA Wellness's products. Since forming this association, over 300 community members now have seasonal employment.

Sustainable packaging

Our vision is to tread as lightly as possible.
The paperboard tubes we use are 100% post- consumer recycled fiber. If placed in the recycling bin, the tubes have the ability for recycling many times over.
Using a third-party verified PIQET streamlined lifecycle assessment, our tubes have the smaller environmental impact compared to tins, glass and recycled plastic.

Australian owned and Made

We have ensured that our products and packaging are manufactured as locally as possible. To keep jobs and money flowing within the Australian economy and to maintain the highest quality with less time in transportation, in turn helping reduce carbon emissions.

Ethically sourced or Organic wild harvested ingredients

We take pride in knowing our ingredients are of the highest standard.
Our Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao is fair trade and ethically sourced in Peru.

Kakadu plum trees are found naturally in open woodland across Northern Australia. The plum is hand harvested by the indigenous community using their traditional methods.

We have used certified organic ingredients where possible including our organic, kosher, halal and vegan certified coconut milk powder. Our carob and passionflower are organic making our ingredient profile up to 70% certified organic.