It's our 100% Natural, hand selected SUPERFOOD ingredients that make us so different from all the other 'healthy' drinking chocolates on the market. Without compromising on taste, we added powerhouse plant foods that we knew would supercharge our day and help us sleep at night. The benefits are endless, and the taste superior!


Raw Peruvian Cacao

Known as the Food of the Gods, these dried seeds really pack a punch in the nutrient stakes by holding more flavonoid antioxidants per gram than blueberries, goji berries, red wine and pomegranates. As we all know, antioxidants are KEY to skin health, immunity and brain health.

Many healthy drinking chocolates out there use cacao that is heavily processed and therefore all the vitamins and nutrients are removed. Raw Peruvian cacao applies less heat when processing and is milled instead of ground therefore it still holds its nutritional value. One of these extremely important vitamins is magnesium. As a society that is naturally depleted in magnesium from the deterioration of our soil, cacao is one of the highest sources of plant based magnesium.

Other benefits of Raw Peruvian Cacao

  • A natural mood elevator
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Provides clean energy

Kakadu Plum

Our very own Aussie home grown fruit is where you get the most bang for your buck! This incredible SUPER POWERFUL food offers an extensive list of benefits including its potent level of Vitamin C which is more than any fruit in the world and100 TIMES THAT OF ORANGES. 

The main reason we included Kakadu Plum is because of better skin. Vitamin C works to stimulate the skin's natural collagen production. In its natural form, it also becomes more absorbable and bioavailable for the body. Its extremely high antioxidant profile comes from the harsh drought affected areas it was grown, with each plum developing a highly efficient defence mechanism made up of diverse antioxidants. These antioxidants help detoxify the body and fight off free radical damage caused by environmental factors that cause ageing. It also contributes to:

  • Glowing skin (and anti-aging)
  • Higher immunity
  • Cognition
  • Iron absorption
  • heart health

Our plums are harvested from Palngun Wurnagat Association; a women’s organisation based in the Wadeye, Northern Territory, the largest Aboriginal community in Australia. We are grateful for the sustainable practices and community driven development of our suppliers of the Kakadu Plum honour.



Considered the unsung hero of Australian natives, if it was for the taste alone, we still would have included this ingredient. It has a deliciously nutty, roasted coffee aroma, with touches of sweet, spice, raisins and chocolate. When roasted it heightens these flavours even more!

It is not only a rich source of protein but also has a low glycemic index reducing  spikes in your blood glucose levels leaving you with a long lasting feeling of satisfaction. It also provides a wonderful source of magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and selenium.

Chicory Root

Everything starts in the gut and we all love talking about probiotics but PREbiotics are actually the good guys! PREbiotics feed the friendly bacteria in your gut which we want more of!

Chicory root AKA Inulin is high in dietary (prebiotic) fibre which helps the gut bacteria produce nutrients for your colon cells and in turn leads to a healthier digestive system, better gut, removal of unwanted toxins....oh and has also been linked to increased weight loss.  

Coconut Milk Powder

This is what gives LUKA its creamy taste and also holds its own W superfood powers- including weight loss and immunity! It contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which researchers have linked with weight loss by stimulating energy through a process called thermogenesis. MCT has also been proven to balance out unstable gut microbiota and provide the body with QUICK CLEAN ENERGY to help fuel your body and brain! 

Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit extract is 150-250 times sweeter than white sugar, has zero calories and carbohydrates, and does not raise blood glucose levels not to mention it is also anti inflammatory.

We made it our mission to make LUKA sweetened without refined sugar OR artificial sweeteners - and we wouldn’t make any compromises! Monk fruit works perfectly to provide a delicious sweet flavour without the unpleasant aftertaste. The health benefits of the fruit have been well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for decades, but its sweet little secret is finally making it into the wellness world.


This sweet tasting pea sized pod provides LUKA drinking chocolate with a deliciously creamy and sweet chocolate flavour to help balance out the bitterness of cacao, as well as adding a few health benefits! It is very high in fibre to aid with a healthy digestive tract and help you stay full for longer, it also has high calcium and antioxidant levels.


Our night blend's purpose is to help you gain a restful and restorative night sleep and its passionflower that makes this happen! Used since the 16th Century for medicinal purposes, evidences has shown that Passionflower  has a positive impact on sleep. Studies proved that it helps you fall asleep not only quicker, but also increased the duration of sleep!

passionflower also may help treat anxiety with its anxiety-calming (anxiolytic) effects. It may also improve cognitive function as it increases levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a chemical the brain makes to help regulate mood and memory.

Valerian Root 

Valerian Root is commonly referred to as “nature’s Valium,” and people have used it since the Middle Ages to treat sleep disorders such as insomnia. We included this magical ingredient to help improve your sleep quality without the hangover effect sleep aids may give you!

Known for its calming effect, compounds in valerian root interact with receptors for serotinin and adenosine, chemicals that play important roles in the regulation of sleep and mood. It also promotes calmness by increasing GABA availability in the body. GABA is a chemical messenger that assists the regulation of nerve impulses in your nervous system and one of the main neurotransmitters responsible for sleep regulation. 

Acerola Berry

Acerola has a superior nutritional profile and superfood status, mostly because of its vitamin C content! Similar to Kakadu Plum, its vitamin C potency is compared to that of 50 oranges. 

Signs of vitamin C deficiency include severe fatigue, rough/dry skin, easy bruising and painful joints. Thats why we wanted Acerola Berry to boost your vitamin C which everyone needs!

Acerola provides Vitamin C in a completely natural form which is highly absorbable and bioavailable, helping to accelerate collagen synthesis for hair, nail and skin health.