TOP 5 books to read with LUKA

5 fiction books to read with your LUKA

These 5 books are in no particular order of recommendation. We have read them in the past 3 months and some are newish, some are old. ALL are worthy of a read. Sit down and enjoy your book with your LUKA and relax. We hope you love these as much as us.

1. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, Gabrielle Zevin

I scrolled past this book continually once I read it was about video games. Sorry but I am not into video games. A friend urged me to read it and I am very happy she did. Although this definitely talked about video games it was more about creativity and love. Love not in the predictable sense we are used to. Amazon named this best book of 2022 and it was definitely up there for me.

2. Cleopatra and Frankenstein, Coco Mellors

Another recommendation from a friend. From the opening paragraph I was captivated and continued like that throughout. This was about love in all its different forms. The transition of love as we grow older and its changing nature. I found it relatable and I found it a beautiful book from beginning to end. Some compare the style to 'conversations with friends' which I loved too. So if you enjoyed that, you will likely enjoy this.

3. Tell the Wolves I'm Home, Carol Rifka Brunt

I was struggling to find what to read next. I generally love to read a serious book followed by a chick lit one to mix it up. I found this book by accident on Good Reads by a reviewer who liked similar books to me. She claimed it was one her favourites and a 'hidden secret' and I couldn't agree more. Set in the 80s, it follows the life of a 14 year old girl whose beloved uncle died of AIDS and the friendship formed with the boyfriend he left behind. Loved this book so much and definitely worth a read.

4. Lessons in chemistry, Bonnie Garmus

Science and especially chemistry scare the bejesus out of me. At high school it was a hard 'no' from the teachers when I asked if I should continue with science subjects. But this was much more than science. This told the story of a fierce and independent lady who had no fear of being a woman and showing what she was capable of. The success of this book is definitely earned.

5. Tully. Paulina Simmons

this is an old book we know, like I think we read when we were teenagers - so like, really long ago. But we found it on our bookshelf and decided to re-read it to see if it was as good as we remember. And yes, yes it was. It takes us back to our teenage years and young love and the complexities of growing up. But a beautiful book and still deserving of a top 5 book recommendation. If you have read it, its not a bad idea to re-read it.

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