5 Ways You Can Get A Better Nights Sleep


We are both much better people, friends, wives, mothers, workers when we have a good night sleep. Isn't everyone? Its not always easy (especially if you have kids!) and we are not always perfect we can assure you, but here are 5 things we have found help us get a better sleep - tried and tested!

  1. Eat your dinner at least 2-3 hours before bed - eat it with your kids, eat it on your own, whatever gets you to eat earlier rather than later is key.  We do our best to eat around 6pm which allows our digestive system to break down the food before sleep instead of during it which impacts the quality of your sleep. If we feel we get hungrier later in the night, then we either incorporate more healthier carbs such as root vegetables at dinner or we have a LUKA which fills us right up. Eating earlier also gives us so much energy in the morning as it provides us with a great fasting window which we are both a big fan of!
  2. Drink your quota of water before 5pm -  After 5pm? And you might need to wake up in the night to go to the bathroom. We wake up multiple times a night naturally, however we feel that if we have to physically get out of bed then it can wake us up too much and we risk not being able to fall back asleep easily. Sleep Experts recommend drinking at least 2L throughout the day only and trying to stop come sun down. We then down a full glass of water in the first few minutes of waking up to instantly rehydrate and energise us.
  3. Taking magnesium before bed to put us in a rested and calm state - Magnesium plays an important role in our nervous system, helping to activate mechanisms that quiet and calm us. It may also help relieve anxiety and depression, which can interfere with sleep. We love magnesium, we feel our sleep quality is far better with it and its a key ingredient (from the cacao) in our LUKA Superfoods Drinking Chocolate!
  4. Get Blue Blocker glasses -  We know everyone tells you to reduce or even stop screen time before bed, because the blue light emitted from our screens confuses our bodies into thinking its day time. But seriously??? We were NOT prepared to give up relaxing on the couch, watching our brain numbing reality TV shows (yes we are addicts). So, we have both been wearing blue blocker glasses in the evening, to literally block the blue light from our screens going into our retinas. Wearing special blue blocking glasses allows us to enjoy our reality TV without impacting our sleep.
  5. Enjoy a cup of LUKA Superfoods drinking chocolate Night Blend with warm milk. The old adage from our grandparents ‘have a warm cup of cocoa before bed to help you sleep’ is backed by science! A warm glass of Cocoa before bed is not only a relaxing ritual that helps you unwind, it also makes you euphoric and calm. Why? Because of the magnesium and tryptophan found in cacao! We also added the combination of Passionflower and Valerian (nature's valium!) to our night blend which has been used for year in traditional chinese medicine for improved sleep and more restorative night's sleep! 

Sweet dreams our LUKA friends

Lucy and Kate 


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It’s SO delicious. A little bit sweet but not too sweet and such a special treat with all of the goodies and none of the bad.
Wishing you all the best with it.
Harriet xx

Harriet Loneragan

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