5 problems LUKA may solve....

A problem shared is a problem halved, but a cup of LUKA may remove your problem altogether!

We created LUKA based on issues we had that we couldn't solve alone. From low energy to relying WAY too much on coffee to fluctuating weight.... it felt like we couldnt win.Thats why we created LUKA. Here is how LUKA helps you solve some common issued you might have:

1. "I cant stop snacking" 

Snacking is easier now as food is so accessible. In our grandparents day, you either made your snacks yourself or you didn't have any! We found ourselves snacking for all the wrong reasons. Procrastination, low energy, unsatisfying lunch - the list goes on! What could we have that wasn't going to sabotage our health? It needed to be something we actually loved and that would fill us up.... LUKA! The coconut milk powder in LUKA can suppress appetite, filling you up so you wont have room for any other snacks. It's also sweetened with monk fruit, which provides minimal sugar content so you can have that sweet snack you crave without the calories!

2. "My sleep isn't its best" 

Too much caffeine, too much screen time, too much stress, your mind busy running through your to-do lists, eating too close to bed. These all reduce the quality and quantity of your sleep. Oh, and kids. Kids disrupt sleep. If we can't guarantee uninterrupted sleep, we at least want to ensure we have a deeper and more restorative one AND falling asleep quickly. We included a SLEEP blend in our range for this reason. With the inclusion of Passionflower and Valerian Root, a combination traditionally used to relax you into a deeper sleep, we knew with this in our took kit we had a higher chance of a better sleep. And our many customers reviews have said their sleep has never been better since having a cup of sleep LUKA before bed.

3. "I am low on energy and turn to caffeine"

Gosh, to think of the money we have spent on coffee! Even if we didn't feel like our 2nd cup of coffee, we knew it was the easiest thing to reach for when energy was reducing. And it was always reducing. When we created LUKA, we wanted energy but were not interested in the drop that came later, so we included the highest grade ceremonial cacao in LUKA, a natural energy enhancer that doesn't create that dreaded crash later on. It also increases your mood and is considered a 'heart opener' - so you will have a much better day, the whole day!

4. I suffer digestive issues - Around 60% amount of women are reported to suffer digestive issues. We were the same. The culprit for us? SUGAR. Sorry, it's such a sad fact but too much refined sugar results in bloating, disrupted gut health, poor sleep and poor skin health. Not only is LUKA free from refined sugar, it has added prebiotics which populate the good gut bacteria in your gut keeping it nice and healthy. AND the chicory root provides added fibre which many of us are low in due to foods we choose. 

5. I feel inflamed or like my weight is always fluctuating

Hormones play a huge part in fluctuating weight, however so does food intake. Too much cortisol causes continual inflammation and unexplained weight gain. When you have too much stress, you can also turn to sugar and carbs as a comfort.... LUKA was designed to give you that opportunity to take time out. By the time you have finished your LUKA, it will have been 5-10 minutes and sometimes thats all you need to reset your cortisol levels. We created LUKA to be low in calories, low in carbs and low in sugar. LUKA is a way to indulge responsibly without impacting your waist line.

6. "Nothing healthy feel satisfying" 

Gosh, we get it. We really do. We have the biggest sweet tooth's and we want to enjoy our food and drinks as much as you and to not feel like we are compromising at every meal. Our customers tell us the main reason they love LUKA is because of the taste. They say the health benefits are a bonus! As self proclaimed 'foodies' we really were not going to settle for anything less than LUKA to taste amazing. And amazing it does. So many of our reviews say we are the best tasting hot chocolate they have tried and tells us that the 2 years to perfect the taste was well worth it. So you can rest assured that this is healthy AND tastes amazing, so you will feel completely satisfied after your daily cup or two and completely full emotionally and physically.

Lots of Love

Lucy and Kate




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