Our top podcasts we are listening to now

Our top podcasts we are listening to now


Whilst we have read many, many books between us, we do find that podcasts are just that little bit more accessible.

Listening to our favourite podcasts whilst doing mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning make them far more enjoyable! And if you ever need motivation to go for that early morning walk, having a podcast lined up will be sure to get you out of bed. And if the podcast is that good, you may find yourself going a little bit longer than intended so you can grab the end of the episode!

The Imperfects

I first found Hugh van Cuylenburg when I read The Resilience Project, he had a great tone about him and I loved what he stood for. This podcast is no different.  Just real guys, interviewing real people tackling very real and raw issues. They are very funny and relatable and give an insight into how the male brain works which is very useful. We think.

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa interviews some really great people, who are always experts in their field. Covering all aspects of being healthy, wealthy and wise, every episode provides incredible insights. This podcast was probably the first one to get us really loving podcasts as a platform and inspired us weekly on our health and wellness journeys.

Lacy Phillips - expanded, to be magnetic

Look, we do tend to cringe at the word 'manifestation' but this is actually something we do NOT cringe at. All Lacys work is backed by science and isn't about 'visualising until you are blue in the face', but provides real, proven methods to actually reprogram your subconscious mind. We also have the biggest girl crush on her, because she is just cool and so calming. This is definitely more palatable for those that are more dubious.


Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, & Will Arnett host this podcast for those who want some comedic relief. Their camaraderie and wit mixed with honesty and vulnerability have amassed an audience of millions since its debut a year ago. 

It is a podcast that connects with people from all walks of life to learn about shared experiences through thoughtful dialogue and organic hilarity. In each episode of SmartLess, one of the hosts reveals his mystery guest to the other two. Its wonderful listening! And no one episode is better than the other!

A psychics story

This is woo-woo we wont lie. But gosh all the stories are sooooo fascinating. From spirit guides saving lives, peoples near death experiences and various ways our spirit team look after us. If you don't believe in this stuff then skip past this, but if you are a slightly bit interested in the spirit world, we find this a really cool and interesting poddy. And its kind of nice to think we have a spirit team looking out for us, right?

The Skinny Confidential

If you want it real, this podcast will give it to you real. A husband wife duo, Lauryn explores all the lastest health fads without any fluff. We love their really honest delivery and the fact that there is absolutely nothing off limits with these two. Both offering  different perspectives on various topics, they also ask their guests very different questions to come at topics from different angles. 

The Michael Yardney Podcast/Property Investment success and Money

This is a bit random we know, but if you are interested in property investments or own your own property and want to know more, this podcast will give you some really great tips and insight into investing into property in Australia. Because its specific to Australia, it's relevant and provides more context and information from government regulations, interest rates, mortgages, fluctuations and more.

Darling, Shine!

Ellidy Pullin and Chloe Fisher are like friends to all of us. Their podcast is like being part of a convo with friends whilst drinking wine. Both tackling challenges that most women can relate to, they are so honest and vulnerable. We really want to be friends with them so if anyone can make this happen, we are here.

Australian True Crime

Okay, Crime is so easy to get lost in...What is it? I think we all love being part of it without actually being part of it, we get to listen about dark deeds from the comfort of our home - its a safe thrill. The fact that these are Aussie crimes make it even more frightening... a lot of these are old, but FASCINATING.... 

Caveat, if you go for early morning walks and its still dark outside, prob don't choose this podcast.

Shadow of a Doubt

A mystery that just keeps twisting and turning. Journalist Richard Guilliatt - the reporter who exposed cancer fraudster Belle Gibson - investigates a confounding case, and a family torn apart. Hot tip - Any crime podcasts by The Australian are very good listening......

Thats it for now, we hope you love listening to them with your LUKA in hand, just like us xx


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