What is Luka?

LUKA SUPERFOODS Drinking Chocolate is a creamy, indulgent treat with benefits. These 100% natural benefits come from the SUPERFOODS infused into each cup; Australian Native’s Kakadu Plum and Wattleseed, along with organic raw Cacao, Green Tea extract/Passionflower & Valerian Root, Chicory Root, organic Coconut Milk powder and Carob. Together these ingredients provide an abundance of nutrients to help support glowing skin, increased immunity, mood and energy, better gut health and a restful night sleep.

Completely plant based, <0.4g sugar per serve with 32 calories per serve (powder only) and added prebiotics for gut health, this is a deliciously clean and guilt free addition to your day and night knowing you are looking after yourself. Inside and out.

We all know that we should be 'healthier' but unless there is something that tastes good, 'healthier' can be very difficult (and boring!) LUKA was created to be an incredibly delicious incentive to make the healthier choice easy.

In addition to being a delicious Drinking Chocolate with health benefits, we want LUKA to be a way for you to create daily rituals around self care, even if that ritual ends up being the time it takes to finish your cup. Our mission is for LUKA to be one less thing in your day to feel guilty about.

Drinking Chocolate Drink