Why we arent just a hot chocolate.....

Why we arent just a hot chocolate.....


There are a LOT of bad tasting 'healthy' drinking chocolates on the market. There are also a lot of drinking chocolates that state they are healthy but the number one ingredient is sugar (coconut sugar is still sugar people!) or they use the lowest quality cocoa that is heavily processed.

So what specifically sets our SUPERFOODS drinking chocolates apart from the rest...

Its actually a recipe

Now, we aren't just a drinking chocolate we are actually a formulation, which means we have created a recipe including our favourite handpicked ingredients. This means our health benefits are FAR MORE than your average hot choccie and our taste is unique only to us! You can't replicate it at home, you don't need to add anything but milk and/or water and you definitely won't find anything on the market that is like it. We took 2 years to perfect this recipe so we could provide it to you!

The ingredients

The Superfoods ingredients we added as stated above were very intentional. But its the quantity and quality of each that sets us apart.

  • Raw Peruvian cacao is far superior to any other cacao as it is processed at much lower heat, retaining the benefits
  • Wattleseed for some added flavour and protein
  • Coconut Milk powder for the creaminess and MCT
  • Monk fruit for the depth of sweetness and anti inflammatory benefits,
  • Carob to negate the bitterness of the cacao 
  • Valerian and passionflower for sleep
  • Kakadu plum for added vitamin C for immunity and skin

The taste

The taste was the biggest thing for us. If we don't look forward to it everyday then we will never get the full benefits! A recent customer survey confirmed that it was the taste that kept them coming back for more, many stating that they "cannot believe its actually healthy" and its "the best tasting hot chocolate they have ever had"... exactly the feedback we wanted!

The benefits

  • Stable Energy
  • Reduced Sugar Cravings
  • Weight Management
  • Increased Satiety
  • Improved Sleep
  • Enhanced Mood
  • Better Gut Health
  • Taste Satisfaction

Added Prebiotics

Prebiotic fibre has been added to improve the gut health, digestion and general health of our customers. We are always suffering with our gut health, especially after consuming too much sugar and caffeine. Adding Chicory Root ensured we could actually promote good gut bacteria, instead of destroying it!

Helps with Sleep

Lack of sleep sabotages our health goals, and it really sucks. We know that when we have not had enough sleep or high quality sleep (thank you fitbit for this info, I have now become obsessed!) we reach for anything that will provide us with energy. And that my friends, is always sugar and caffeine. Creating a blend with  sleep enhancing ingredients like Valerian and passionflower was so exciting for us as we had an alternative to the sugary desserts to actually help us sleep.... chocolate before bed? a no-brainer!

All Natural

Preservatives and fillers are not good. Food colouring is not good. This was not something we would ever compromise on. They have been reported as disrupting hormones, contributing to behavioural issues, altering gut bacteria, attributed to heart disease and some are carcinogenic. NO THANK YOU! Our drinking chocolates are completely natural, so you can feel safe drinking them knowing that they wont disrupt the natural function of your body. Just the way nature intended!!

And that our wonderful LUKA lovers is why we are so much more than your average Hot Chocolate xxxx

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