The LUKA story....

The LUKA story....

We always get asked "So, why did you create, how did it even come about..." and whilst we feel we have told it over and over, probably in a more conversational way and definitely not in detail, we thought we would write it down. 

We are cousins, our Mums are sisters from Coonamble, rural NSW. We always had a connection from the moment we were little. Lucy was based in Sydney's North Shore and Kate was located in the Southern Highlands, Bowral. We used to get SO excited when we would get to see each other and giggle so much we would physically wet our pants. Often. We would drive our beautiful Nan mad with all our giggling. 

After school, we went to different Universities and then followed very different career paths. Lucy went the corporate route toggling between advertising and marketing and going through millions of jobs and Kate went into healthcare as a radiographer at RPA Hospital. 

Fast forward to our 30's, both married with young children and totally consumed with life as young Mums. We were reunited from our obsession with health and wellness. None of which either of us had pursued in degrees or career. We could talk about the newest health 'fad' or wellness hack for hours

We would often meet at playgrounds with our kids, onto our 3rd coffee and overwhelmed with tiredness. On this particular day, Kate was doing a health detox (trying desperately to cut sugar and caffeine!) and Lucy was pregnant. All we wanted was something that was delicious but healthy that would easily replace the coffees, chai lattes or hot chocolates we were devouring each day but making us feel lousy afterwards. Something as satisfying as coffee, but not coffee. Something that didn't see us reaching for the chocolate biscuits after dinner. We had spent so much money on 'healthy' drinking powders between us and not one satisfied all our needs. We discussed how good it would be if we could create our own just for ourselves with all the ingredients we would love to include (some very random that did not taste good like sea buckthorn!).

After that, we would meet in each others kitchens in Bondi or Redfern mixing so many different ingredients together... and finally we LOVED what we were making and couldn't get enough. Could we get this made by a professional? We would only need a small amount for ourselves and our friends and families....What are people called who create dry mixes? We actually didn't even know what to type into google at first. Eventually we found someone who would make it for us at a reasonable price and we went ahead.

And after 2 years of testing (we were absolutely meticulous with our ingredients and flavours) and we were finally happy with the formulation. We were actually obsessed. We looked at each other when trying it for the last time before approval and laughed - how on earth could this be good for us? We handed it out to our husbands, family and friends and no word of a lie, we had them knocking on our doors at night asking for more. Then asking when we would sell it. Then asking where they could order it from. Then asking again, when they could get more....And then as they say, the rest is history.

We sold out in the first few weeks of launch and have been selling and scaling our business ever since. We have the most incredible community who entrusted us, as just two mums who had no idea what they were doing. We have received hundreds of five star reviews and continue to grow our business each year. Our 'why' has now slightly changed. What started as our own desire to have a sugar and caffeine replacement has become so much more. We now love the fact that we can provide women with a reason to take a pause in their day. Actually take the time it takes to drink their cup of Luka as a way to fill them back up. Physically, mentally and emotionally. We all know you can't pour from an empty cup and with LUKA, we hope you keep filling yours up.

Lots of Love

Lucy and Kate


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