Why we added coconut milk powder to LUKA!

Why we added coconut milk powder to LUKA!

The ingredients in LUKA were handpicked very intentionally and its no coincidence that Coconut Milk Powder is the main ingredient in both our blends! Not only is it absolutely creamy, delicious and vegan but it also has incredible health benefits which will have you reaching for LUKA more often than not!

1. Fat Loss

The fat in Coconut milk powder is largely an MCT “medium-chain triglycerides” which has been proven through much research aids in weight loss, body composition and metabolism. This is due to a few factors BUT one of the main reasons is that MCT helps increase insulin sensitivity, a hormone which helps regulate blood sugar and breaks down glucose resulting in weight loss.

2. Keeps you fuller for longer

Also on the topic of our favourite MCTs,  studies show that consuming MCTs make you feel fuller for longer. 

Researchers gave overweight individuals MCTs for breakfast and found that it helped in reducing food consumption for the whole day due to it filling the respondents up for longer periods. Trust us, snack with your LUKA and you will not be eating again until your next main meal - its one of our most fav things about it!

3. Promotes better gut health

Over 80% of the population are said to be lactose intolerant, reporting  significant gut issues when they consume lactose. For these people, Coconut milk is an extremely healthy substitute which will not impact their gut but in fact improve it.  It improves your gut health due to its naturally occurring Zinc content which aids in the renewal of the cells that line the intestinal wall. This prevents  harmful bacteria going from the intestines into the blood stream known as leaky gut resulting in a wide range of health issues. 

4. Immunity

Coconut milk powder is rich in lauric acid. Lauric acid is a goody when it comes to the immune system for both its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which will help reduce the levels of viruses and bacteria that cause infections. Lauric acid is found in human breastmilk which many put down to why it is so wonderful for brain development and immunity. And along with LUKA's high natural vitamin C content, its an incredibly robust drink for these winter months to stave off colds!

5. Skin

It's no secret that dairy can heavily impact your skin. In fact, most beauticians first piece of advice if you suffer skin breakouts will be to reduce dairy. Coconut milk powder is here to help! Not only does it not contain animal hormones (sorry, dairy lovers!) BUT it also contains a high concentration of healthy saturated fatty acids which will help your skin from the inside out. Additionally, it is rich in vitamins C and E, which keep the skin looking youthful and glowy. YES PLEASE GLOWY SKIN!

 So sit back, relax and let LUKA do it's magic....After all, that is the reason we created it!


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